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The People


Gabrielle Jansen-Geissler

Gabrielle graduated with a Bachelor of Education Secondary in 2008 majoring in both English, and Health and Physical Education. In 2011 she completed a Master of Education at the University of Southern Queensland. This was a mixed major, predominantly in behaviour management and guidance and counselling. In 2017 Gabrielle completed a Master of Educational Leadership at the Australian Catholic University. Since 2010 Gabrielle has held various Pastoral Middle Leadership positions in schools where she has been responsible for the welfare of students in years 8-12. Gabrielle has also held the Curriculum Middle Leaderhsip position of QCS Coordinator and was appointed Acting Assistant Principal Curriculum for Semester Two 2015. Gabrielle is married and a mother to four sons. Her passion for child welfare and the social and emotional development of young people has been considerably enhanced throughout her parenting journey. Along with this passion, Gabrielle is interested in sport and health and fitness, and the research that surrounds the positive influence of exercise on both emotional and intellectual capacity.




Cher Williams

Cher graduated with a dual degree; Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama) and Bachelor of Education Secondary, in 2007. In 2018 Cher icompleted a Master of Education majoring in Guidance and Counselling at the University of Southern Queensland. Since 2011 Cher has held various Pastoral Middle Leadership Positions where she has been responsible for the welfare of students in Years 7-10. She was also appointed Acting Assistant Principal Pastoral at various stages throughout 2014 and 2015. Cher’s passion for ensuring the welfare of all people has been evident since her days as a university student when she was the Equity Officer at the QUT Student Guild. Along with the social and emotional development of young people, Cher has an avid interest in the Arts. In the past she has worked with the QUT Theatre Company, Vena Cava. This passion has been channelled into the various productions of the schools and colleges in which she has been employed. Cher is a strong believer in the holistic benefits of self-expression for which the Arts provide such a wonderful springboard.