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My class have loved the EQO Program and definitely looked forward to the lesson each week. I have found the lessons really easy to follow as I have the set out of resources/videos that go along with each lesson. The students and I both enjoyed the structure of the lessons. This allowed for routine and predictability.

Ms Shannon Cullen | Year 6 Teacher | St Bernardines Catholic School

I love that it is so hands on.

The role plays were my favourite.

I enjoyed interacting with other people and that it wasn’t just writing.

The activities were enjoyable and we learnt lots along the way.

The videos were a good resource.

Year 6 Students | St Bernardines Catholic School 

The students love the EQO program and it is clear that they are practically applying the skills they have learnt. They are noticeably more aware of themselves and others and utilise their ability to make considered decisions. This is most noticeable in their ability to resolve their differences. Teacher preparation is a breeze as Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are all there for you, as are all the required resources. The structure of the lessons and the innovative activities ensure students remain engaged which minimises behaviour management.

Miss Ashleigh Beattie | Year 8 Core Teacher | St Francis College


I liked that a lot of the activities were interactive.

The videos were helpful to explain things in a visual way.

The class project at the end of the term was my highlight.

I learnt a lot from working in groups.

I liked the safe ways to share your thoughts.

I liked learning in a new way.

Being able to be honest was good.

Learning without it feeling like work was great.

Year 8 Students | St Francis College


After a two hour session with Gabrielle, our future students leaders could clearly articulate how to be calm and how to work effectively as a team by co-operating and communicating clearly. They started to understand that they are in control of themselves and to be an effective leader, self-control is important. Gabrielle’s belief of and enthusiasm for EQ combined with the strategies she used to engage 75 students impressed our staff so much so that we have booked her to work with our students again.

Before our session I warned Gabrielle about a student who would definitely not participate in any activity. I assured her we would not allow him to be a disruption so she could try to engage him but not push too much. Much to our surprise the student participated in every activity. We definitely look forward to working with Gabrielle and Cher into the future.

Natalie Tugliach | APRE | St Francis Xavier School Goodna