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Programs for Educators


Program   Description Cost

A series of workshops aimed at students in P - 10 who are hindered by their mental health or lack of emotion regulation. Experiencing anxiety, depression or self doubt may be adversely affecting behaviour, effort, achievement or enjoyment at school. Selected students must be within 3 successive year levels or less.

The 6 x 2 hour sessions are delivered by 2 educators allowing for flexibility in student groupings.

$4800 total.

A series of 6 specially tailored 2 hour sessions with 2 educators.

Maximum 25 Students.

Open Futures

A series of workshops tailored to Year 12 students preparing them for the potentially tumultuous transition to life after school.

The 5 x 2hr sessions cover topics including but not limited to: Value articulation, difficult decision making, assertiveness, coping with adversity, and mindfulness.


Specifically tailored sessions with 2 educators.

100 Students Max.