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1. EQOPD Parent: Surviving Witching Hour

EQOPD Parent is an eMagazine that provides specific and practical strategies designed to help parents tackle particular aspects of parenting.

This, our first edition, focuses on Surviving Witching Hour: The phenomenon that occupies the space between afternoon and evening. The time zone where babies start to cry, toddlers start to tantrum, primary schoolers whinge and whine, and teenagers grunt or backchat. Witching hour is when parent heart rates rise, breaths quicken, and patience wears thin. EQOPD believes that fatigue is the root of witching hour issues. To manage this, EQOPD suggests parents commit to remaining calm, design and display a flexible routine, and actively practice gratitude and mindfulmess. Strategies for how to do just this are outlined in EQOPD Parent: Surviving Witching Hour. 

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