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Links to Positive Behaviour for Learning

Links to Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a systems based approach to behaviour management that aims to address the varied academic and social needs of students to support achievement of learning outcomes and success.

PBL is a three-tiered approach that improves student self-concept and consequently their motivation to learn. In PBL schools there is a continuum of supports that addresses the needs of all learners.  The focus is on learning and removing barriers to it, in and out of the classroom. Behaviour is taught to students, expectations are visible, and positive behaviour is rewarded and celebrated.

Throughout the EQO program students are encouraged to reflect on positive behaviour and its link to emotional intelligence. The knowledge and skills that EQO develops in students ensures that their own self-concept is constantly enhanced which will in turn improve both behaviour and academic outcomes within in a PBL framework.

Teachers often express frustration with the difficulty in teaching behaviour. Often time constraints restrict explicit teaching of behaviour, particularly in middle and senior phases of learning. By committing to the EQO program you are not only committing to improved student emotional intelligence and self-concept, but you are also carving out crucial time to learn, practice and reflect on expected classroom and non-classroom behaviour.